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      DIY Toy Cardboard Camera

      I must admit I am kind of in love with this quick little bit of Sunday afternoon crafting – A DIY cardboard camera made from a humble cardboard box and the plastic lids of laundry detergent bottles!!!!

      No trip to the craft shop required, everything you need to make this cardboard camera is right there in the recycling bin.

      In 20 minutes or less you’ll have a fun toy camera for your little one to be clickity?clickity around the house! and when out shopping and visiting.

      cardboard camera

      First the supplies:
      A small tissue box size cardboard box
      Plastic lids from cleaning bottles, shampoo bottles, whatever you have in the utility cupboard.
      Hot glue gun

      cardboard camera

      All you need to do is just glue the plastic lids onto the box for the lens and flash.

      cardboard camera

      Then just decorate the camera with a little duck tape and black marker to make the camera all the more real and cool for your little ones.

      I scoured Molly’s playroom for a strap of some kind and found what I needed on a seldom used bow and arrow set, you can of course use ribbon, a canvas belt or one of daddy’s groovy old ties!

      cardboard camera

      And tada!! time to click, click, click

      Time to get your crafty pants on
      Michelle xx



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