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      Try it! Halloween Crafts – wine cork toys

      I just couldn’t resist it!! after a recent forage for corks at our local Italian restaurant we picked up some perfect ‘body shaped’ champagne corks and we made a list of ALL the character sets we were going to make…. promising Antonio, the owner of the restaurant, that we would make one of him in thanks for his generosity :)

      The joy of champagne corks is that they already have the head and tapered body so you can go straight to painting.



      Halloween Crafts For Kids – trick ‘r treat character toys

      I stayed with the standard spooky characters of Skeleton, Dracula and good oul Frankie….. they look so cute as mini wine corks!!

      Begin by painting on a base layer of white or skin coloured paint to knock out the natural cork colour and you’re ready to go.


      For added humour I decided one of the characters should have a mokawk!!, so I glued a piece of card on top, and sealed it on to the head with just a few little pits of papier mache (took less than 5 minutes)


      Then just start painting….. and adding the accessories to make the characters take on a life of their own
      – Little scrap of felt for Dracula’s cape (I didn’t have bright red at hand :(
      – beads for Frankie’s ears
      – black pipe cleaner wound around and glued into position for Frankie’s doo
      – pom pom fluff (yes I hoard that too!!) for the skeleton’s mohawk

      fun, fun, fun!!

      ready for trick ‘r treating in a playroom near you

      Michelle, aka Captain Kidult







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