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    1. mollymoo

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      Learning a new craft – Weaving

      I have a new obsession… and it’s not chocolate! It’s weaving, I’m hooked and it’s all thanks to Molly and a little kid’s weaving frame I bought for €4 in Tiger a few weeks ago. I never tried it as a kid, so as soon as Molly had her weaving finished I had to have a go!!

      Now this isn’t a craft tutorial – I’m only a rookie with one and a half weavings under my belt so who am I to share ‘how to’ weave tips! – instead this post is a recording of my first weaving, a place to share the beauty of this new craft and hopefully, possibly inspire you to try weaving too xx

      I might have been a wee bit ambitious with this first weaving to attempt a negative space heart, and try to keep the tension consistent between the rows, but I just had to try, and granted it’s nowhere near right!. But I tried it and I love it. There’s something quite satisfying about moving the shuttle back and forth and back again :)

      I’m anxious to get started on my next weave now, not sure if I’ll colour block, pattern or monogram!! ooooh maybe I’ll try all three haha

      weaving wall hanging

      A few process pics of my first weaving journey, figuring it out as I went along mostly!

      And so it begins, starting with some tassels…



      I just had to include luscious wool roving to add some beautiful texture to the wall hanging.



      I printed and taped a heart behind the yarn to be my guide when weaving up the sides with a needle. Not so easy keeping the tension between the rows when you’re making a ‘shape’!



      Ooooh I just love the way woven rows knit so beautifully together.





      And so my crafting adventure continues….
      Happy Days



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