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      Pasta Crafts: Painted Macaroni Necklaces

      Painted pasta diy jewelry is one of the most popular and doable crafts for kids. Kids from age three to nine love pasta crafts, having something light and beautifully textured to work with, and so many fun shapes to create with, from bow ties and shells to wheels and fusilli twists. Once the pasta is painted necklaces and bracelets can be made by simply threading the pieces together with yarn, or long shoelaces.

      This project totally brought me back to my primary school days, I thought I was ‘the bees knees’ one year when I made a macaroni necklace to give to my mom for mother’s day xx she wore it out socially for ‘ages’ of course :)

      macaroni necklace

      This macaroni necklace craft Molly (and the remains of her Easter nail polish!) and I are sharing with you here today is part of a Rockin’ Art For Kids special #themacaronichallenge blog tour and giveaway. During this week the Rockin’ Art Moms group I am a member of will be sharing some of our favourite pasta crafts and art projects on our Facebook pages…. and we welcome you to join in the fun too. More deets at the end of this post…..

      So let’s start the ball rolling with how to make a Macaroni Pixel Doll Necklace

      Materials you need
      – dried macaroni tubed pasta
      – paint and brushes
      – glue gun
      – yarn or long thin shoelaces

      First paint your macaroni pieces, deciding first what colours/pattern you want to go with – we took inspiration for the pixel face from this book

      macaroni necklace


      Then start threading the pieces together

      macaroni necklace


      Line by line to build the pixel face

      macaroni necklace

      When finished threading the lines of macaroni I added a few dots of glue at the back to hold the pieces together and in shape and used a second length of coloured yarn at the top to hang the pixel doll around the neck.

      macaroni necklace


      The options for painted pasta are limitless, just use the pieces as a blank canvas to keep creating – like this cute little marshmallow face :)

      pasta crafts

      or some really cute macaroni cat necklaces I just published on PBS Crafts For Kids. Molly wore the black and white one to school every day last week xx


      More fun pasta crafts & art projects from my Rockin’ Art Mom friends:

      Ami from Handmakery: a modern macaroni masterpiece
      Ana from Babble Dabble Do: stained glass pasta art project for kids
      Allison from Learn Play Imagine: painted pasta art
      Barbara from Art Bar: art assemblage with pinecones pasta
      Chelsey from Buggy & Buddy: art mosaic project using dyed pasta
      Gina from Willow Day: macaroni & pom pom flower necklace
      Jean from The Artful Parent: pasta art activities
      Jeanette from Tiny Rotten Peanuts: macaroni mosaic
      Kate from Picklebums: pasta drawing prompts
      Karin from Pysselbolaget: pretty pasta pendants
      Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks: macaroni frames kids craft
      Meri from Meri Cherry: preschool pasta sculptures
      Merrilee from Mer Mag: Modern Pasta Necklace
      Rachelle from Tinkerlab: Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge

      pasta crafts

      SO!! You ready to join in the fun ?

      Are you inspired to make something fun with pasta? Us Rockin’ Art Moms are opening the Macaroni Challenge up to all! kids, parents, grandparents, teachers, art groups, everyone, YOU xx

      Please join us by creating you own unique pasta project and posting a pic on Instagram, twitter, or?The Rockin’ Art for Kids Facebook Page?using the hashtag #themacaronichallenge

      The challenge ends on May 3.


      All projects posted on the?The Rockin’ Art for Kids Facebook Page?will be entered in an amazing Rockin’ Art Moms Book Giveaway (entries restricted to residents of the US and Canada sorry). The winner will be selected at random from the entries and announced on Instagram and the?The Rockin’ Art for Kids Facebook Page on Sunday May 3, 2015

      Happy Handmade?(ebook) from me MollyMoo // The Artful Year?from The Artful Parent // Playful?from Mer Mag // Tinkerlab?from Tinkerlab // 150 Screen Free Activities for Kid?from Fun at Home with Kids

      We can’t wait to see what you come up with! xx


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