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      Angel Craft – Paper Cup Angel Luminaries

      By Leslie Manlapig

      When I imagine Christmas, I always think of Christmas trees, twinkly lights, and angels. Knowing that Michelle loves sharing fairy crafts here at MollyMoo, I thought you would appreciate?today’s angel craft too! ?These little paper cup angels are super sweet and simple to make. Perfect for adding a bit of holiday cheer during the day and giving your home a lovely warm and angelic cozy glow at night.

      angel craft


      Here’s what you’ll need to make these glowing angels:

      ? Clear Plastic Cups
      ? Printer paper
      ? Pen
      ? Crayons
      ? Sharpie Markers
      ? Scissors
      ? Clear Tape
      ? LED Tea Lights (1-2?per angel)


      Let’s make some paper cup angels!

      Step 1:
      Roll your plastic cup over a sheet of paper and trace along it’s edges as it rolls. Now you’ll have a curved shape which will fit nicely over your cup. Cut the shape out, and trim off about 1” to 1 ?” off the top (shown by the curved line) so that you’ll have space for the angel’s face.


      roll the cup to make paper cup angel luminaries


      Step 2:
      Colour in your curved shape.

      color in your angel dress


      Step 3:
      Accordion fold your shape.

      accordion fold your angel dress


      Step 4:
      Cut out different shapes holes (it’s like you’re cutting out a snowflake!)

      cut out holes in your paper angel dress


      Step 5:
      Open up your folded piece of paper. Use Sharpie markers to add more decorations to your design. Yay! Now your angel has a lovely lacy dress to wear. Cut out and colour a face and pair of wings.

      add details, face, and wings


      Step 6:
      Tape your dress, face, and wings onto your plastic cup.

      paper cup angels


      Place 1-2 LED tea lights under each cup to make your angels glow.

      glowing paper cup angel luminaries

      Aren’t they beautiful? I hope you enjoy making these lovely glowing pretties with your children.


      Happy making friends! ~ Leslie


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