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      Quick Craft: Button House For Fairies

      I’m always careful that with all my ‘carry on’ Molly doesn’t get jaded with making and creating so I’ve consciously not initiated anything crafty with her for the past couple of weeks – choosing instead to wait for her to initiate. So this morning when she said she wanted to make a ‘button house’ I sprang into action and got everything ready for her.

      I can never bring myself to throw out an Innocent Smoothie box, perfect size, lovely solid cardboard and a ready made hole for making birdhouses and playhouses. So with scalpel, masking tape and some matchsticks I quickly molded a smoothie box into a house shape and gave it to her with a box of buttons, pva and a brush. She had found some tubes of shiny things for the roof!. I left her to her own devices and embraced the laundry (without the same level of enthusiasm!!)

      …. and about 30 minutes later she emerged from the kitchen with her embellished little house, a cute little butterfly doorknob, and a fistful of polly pockets :)

      With bedtime in sight her little creation has now found it’s way to a quiet little corner of the garden, far away from sight. Molly wishes she, like Wendy in Tinkerbell’s Great Fairy Rescue, will get to meet and greet a real life button-loving fairy :))
      I love you M xxx

      the boy Polly Pocket was ‘sniffing Snow White’s arm pit’ apparently!!!!


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