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      Quick Craft For Kids: Pool Noodle Spiders

      I made these pool noodle spider dudes with Molly yesterday evening for a bit of quick mid-term crafting fun. No gluing, no paint, no mess, made in less than 5 minutes type of quick craft for kids!! yeah that’s quick :) This would make for a great summer craft for the backyard or at camp!

      I had picked up some crazy cool multi-coloured pipe cleaners at the new Tiger store in our city, and just had to make something ‘leggy’ with them to add to our cute spider craft collection.

      pool noodle crafts

      Materials you need
      – Pool Noodles slices (or pot scrubs if you don’t have a pool noodle at hand)
      – Pipe Cleaners
      – Sticky dots
      – Sticky eyes or googly eyes

      Pool Noodle Crafts

      Start by making little slits in the pool noodle to make it easier to push in the pipe cleaners.

      Pool Noodle Crafts

      Pool Noodle Crafts

      Bend and shape the pipe cleaners for the spider’s legs.

      The? just get busy with the sticky dots and eyes. We are huge fans of anything polka dot in our house so of course Molly’s new leggy friends, a boy one and a girl one, had to be polka dot too :)

      Pool Noodle Crafts

      They’re not in the slightest bit menacing :)

      Pool Noodle Crafts

      Time to get your crafty pants on….



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      2 Responses to “Quick Craft For Kids: Pool Noodle Spiders”

      1. Leslie Guhl says:

        Cute idea – except spiders have 8 legs and 8 eyes

      2. Michelle says:

        Or as many eyes and legs as a child’s imagination cares to give them Leslie :)

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