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      Toilet Roll Crafts – Meet Mr Pirate and Mr Parrot!

      By Leslie Manlapig

      Arrrgh me harties! Today we’re here to share two awesome pirate toilet roll crafts! This cute cardboard pirate and parrot love sailing the seven seas and having adventures in their?cardboard pirate ship! So call over your crafty?first mates and let’s get ready for some pirate-loving fun! Arrrgh!


      toilet roll crafts



      Materials you need to gather:

      • Toilet Rolls
      • Craft Paint
      • Paint Brush
      • Red, Black, White and Striped Paper
      • Glue stick and/or White Glue
      • Clear Tape
      • Scissors
      • Feather
      • Markers
      • Blue and yellow tissue paper
      • Clothespins
      • Googly Eyes
      • Optional: White rectangle stickers


      First, let’s prep our toilet rolls!

      toilet roll crafts

      Paint the top half of one toilet roll brown for the pirate’s face. Cut the other toilet roll in half for the parrot. (If you’d like, you can certainly use a whole toilet roll for the parrot. I cut mine in half so that he would be smaller than the pirate.)


      Now let’s prep our decorative items!


      For the pirate, you’ll need a front hat shape, a long black rectangle for the back of the hat, a striped rectangle for the shirt, and a long black rectangle for the pants. For the parrot, you’ll need a long red rectangle for the body, feet, a beak, and tissue paper cut into the shape of feathers.

      toilet roll crafts


      To make the pirate:

      toilet roll crafts


      Glue on the pants and then the shirt. Cut your white rectangular stickers (or paper) to create a skull and crossbones. Stick it to the front of your pirate hat. Then, glue the front and back of your hat to the tube. Use clothespins to keep things in place. When everything is dry, draw on details. Tape a feather to the inside of the toilet roll. Then, cut out a tiny triangle in the bottom to separate his legs.


      toilet roll crafts


      To make the parrot:

      toilet roll crafts


      Glue on your red rectangle. Then, glue on your tissue paper feathers starting from the bottom to the top. (tissue paper is quite flimsy, so I used a glue stick here). Then, stick on your white stickers. Add googly eyes. Then, draw a black circle between your eyes.? Then, glue on your beak and your little feet. Add any extra details with markers.


      toilet roll crafts


      Pop them aboard your pirate ship and you’re set for some exciting imaginary play on the high seas! Hmm, what adventures these two will get into? Will they look for treasure? Or, perhaps they’ll find a cardboard mermaid or two to hang with?


      toilet roll crafts

      Have a lovely time making these pirate crafts with the kiddos!? Happy crafting!

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